Alan Ward is a successful Worcestershire based, qualified photographer, advertising both field sports and wildlife images commercially. Often published, many of Alans images have featured in well known magazines, within the UK and abroad. 

First introduced to photography during his military career, it was 2004 that Alan began taking photography seriously and undertaking qualifications. 

Alan is passionate about field sports which started during his childhood. Therefore, this makes him ideally placed to capture the images required by his clients due to his extensive fieldcraft experience and ability to recognise where a game bird may fly to, or where a fish is likely to go.

Alan is a keen wildlife photographer and uses his fieldcraft skills to enable him to capture images in their natural habitat. He has a comprehensive  knowledge of wildlife behaviours and locations due to long hours spent in the field. This experience has allowed Alan to  run photographic workshops and holidays,  teaching his skills and enabling other photographers from the UK, and overseas, the opportunity to see wildlife and capture images to enjoy.


Equipment Used :

Cameras-  2 x 1Dx  and 1DsMk3

Lenses: 300mm 70-200mm 16-35mm 24mm prime-24-70mm and 50mm